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Course title Qualification Level
3D Modelling and Animation for Games and Media Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Acting for Live and Recorded Media Bachelor of Arts 6
Advanced Practice in Childhood Studies. (Top up year) Bachelor of Arts 6
Art and Design (Contemporary Art Practice) HND 5
Broadcast Production Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Business HNC 4
Business HND 5
Business and Human Resource Management Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Business and Management Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Business and Marketing Foundation Degree (FdA) Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Business Computing with IT (Top Up) Bachelor of Science 6
Computer Electronic Engineering and Design Foundation Degree (FdSc) 6
Computer Network Security with Ethical Hacking Foundation Degree (FdSc) 5
Computer Systems Engineering Foundation Degree (FdSc) 5
Computing & Systems Development HNC 4
Construction and the Built Environment HNC 4
Construction and the Built Environment (Top-Up) HND 5
Contemporary Photographic Practices Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Creative Media and Visual Communication (Top Up) Bachelor of Arts 6
Criminology and Social Justice Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Dance and Performance Bachelor of Arts 6
Dance and Performance Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Education and Professional Development Bachelor of Arts 6
Events Management Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Exercise, Health and Fitness Foundation Degree (FdSc) 5
Fashion and Textiles HND 5
Film and TV Production Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Graphic Design and Advertising Foundation Degree (FdA) 5
Hair and Beauty Salon Management HND 5
Health and Social Care HNC 4