Media Studies

Qualification type: GCE A Level Location:
Subject area: Level: 3
Leaflet Number: 16017 Course Code: CR7219-7
Academic year: 14/15
Qualification type: 
GCE A Level
Subject area: 
A Levels
Shena Simon Campus

What are the aims of this course?

In media studies you will analyse various methods of mass communication including: 1) Broadcasting: television programmes both factual and fictional; films; radio; advertisements; trailers and other audio/visual promotional material 2) E-media: websites; blogs/wikis; pod casts; advertising and promotional materials; radio; television; music or film downloads; games and emerging forms 3) Print: newspapers; magazines; advertising and marketing texts

What are the areas covered by this course?

Unit 1: Investigating the media
You will complete two topics, studying a number of texts that will span all three of the platforms mentioned above. Possible topics can include:
- Broadcast or film fiction
- Documentary and hybrid forms
- Lifestyle
- Music
- News
- Sport
Unit 2: Creating the media
You will have the opportunity to create two linked media artefacts. This production can be split into five stages:
1) Research
2) Intentions
3) Pre-production
4) Production
5) Evaluation
Work can be submitted in a range of formats including: DVD, video, print, website, MP3/Podcast, CD-ROM

What qualifications do I need to do this course?

Five GCSEs at grade C, including Maths and English.

How is the course assessed?

You will be assessed through exams and a portfolio of work.

Which qualification will I be awarded if I successfully complete the course?

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded an AS level in Media Studies and an A level in Media Studies. You will also have the opportunity to complete Functional Skills that will help develop important skills - like communication, team working, presentation, and problem solving.

What will I be able to go on to do after I've completed this course?

Successful completion of the course, in combination with other AS or A levels, can lead directly to a wide range of higher education courses. Advice on opportunities for further study will be provided during your course.

What are the career opportunities?

Media studies is used as a stepping-stone to careers in a variety of industries including; film, TV, radio, music, journalism, advertising, design, promotion, media production, marketing, public relations and sales. Specialist careers advice will be available from our Advice and Guidance Team throughout your course.


Full time

From/to dates

Mon, 01/09/2014

Course length

2 Year(s)