Customer Service

Qualification type: NVQ Diploma Location:
Subject area: Level: 4
Leaflet Number: 220 Course Code: CR7827-02
Academic year: 14/15
Qualification type: 
NVQ Diploma
External to college

What's the Customer Service course about?

This NVQ Diploma is aimed at individuals who have some responsibility for the delivery of a continually improving service to customers. Candidates will benefit from gaining a clearer understanding of their responsibilities within an organisation. At level 4 candidates must complete two mandatory units and seven optional units including at least one unit from each theme below.

Mandatory units are as follows:
- Understand customer service to improve service delivery
- Know the rules to follow when developing customer service

Themes are as follows:
- Impression and image
- Delivery
- Handling problems
- Development and improvement

You will be assessed under NVQ guidelines, which include building a portfolio of evidence and underpinning knowledge end tests.

What will I be able to do after I've completed this course?

On successful completion of this course there are a number of opportunities for further study, including the Professional Diploma in Management Studies. It can also enhance career progression within the customer service industry.

What qualifications or experience do I need to do this course?

The NVQ Diploma is a work-oriented qualification suitable for those who undertake customer service-related activities in employment at a senior or supervisory level.

Which qualification will I be awarded if I successfully complete the Customer Service course?

You will be awarded an NVQ Diploma in Customer Service at Level 4 by OCR.


Part time (day)

Course length

1 Year(s)

Weeks per year


How much will the course cost me?

You can call our Course Enquiry Team on 0161 203 2100 for details of the fees for this course.