Road Passenger Vehicle Driving (Taxi)

Qualification type: Certificate Location:
Subject area: Level: 2
Leaflet Number: 566 Course Code: CR6313-01
Awarding body: Education Development International plc (EDI)
Academic year: 14/15
Awarding body: 
Education Development International plc (EDI)
Qualification type: 
External to college

What's the Road Passenger Vehicle Driving (Taxi) course about?

This course is suitable for taxi drivers who wish to demonstrate a higher level of practical ability and capability. Built around the National Occupational Standards developed by GoSkills, the course includes a range of units designed to reflect the competences that are deemed crucial by the industry.

Units covered include:
- Ensuring health and safety in the workplace
- Driving taxi and private hire vehicles safely
- Providing professional customer service
- Dealing effectively with difficult passengers
- Dealing with emergencies and incidents during a journey
- Providing a transport service to people who need assistance
- Transporting children and young people
- Developing and maintaining work skills
- Planning routes in the passenger transport industry

The qualification is achieved by providing proof of competence, completing class work and undergoing 'in vehicle' driving observations.

What will I be able to do after I've completed this course?

On completion of this course, you could go on to complete further training to become a taxi driver trainer or an assessor.

What qualifications or experience do I need to do this course?

Applicants must be aged 21 or over, must hold a Local Authority Taxi or Private Hire driver's license. In addition, taxi driving must be their only or main source of income.

Which qualification will I be awarded if I successfully complete the Road Passenger Vehicle Driving (Taxi) course?

You will be awarded an EDI Level 2 Certificate in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving (Taxi).


Part time (day)

Course length

1 Year(s)

How much will the course cost me?

You can call our Course Enquiry Team on 0161 203 2100 for details of the fees for this course.